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Using the site implies the explicit acceptance of the terms, conditions and privacy policy. For a proper use of the site, we recommend you to carefully read all the terms and conditions.

The owner of this site is Istodorescu Doina PFA.

Istodorescu Doina PFA reserves the right to update / change / modify, without notice, these General Terms and the site's content. To avoid any misunderstanding it is advisable to check these sections each time you access our site and want to perform operations on it. This way you will act knowingly.



General terms and conditions will apply to all sales of goods / products by Istodorescu Doina PFA, through the online store site www.nitasao.com, to the Buyer and may be amended only with the express written consent of both parties. Thus, the following terms shall mean:

  • Buyer - individuals, legal entity or any other entity that issues an Order.
  • Seller - Istodorescu Doina PFA, with headquarters in Bucharest, Bd. Gloriei, nr. 20, Parter, sector 1, cod postal 013285, Nr. Reg. Com.: F40 / 3938 / 10.05.2012, CUI 30753949.
  • Goods - any product including documents mentioned in the Order, which will be supplied by the Seller to the Buyer.
  • Order - an electronic document that comes as a form of communication between the Seller and the Buyer, in which the Seller agrees to deliver the Goods and the Buyer agrees to receive these Goods and pay for them.
  • Contract - an Order confirmed by the Seller.
  • Intellectual Property Rights (hereinafter IPR) - all intangible rights such as know-how, copyright and rights in the nature of copyright, database rights, design rights, patents, trademarks and registrations of domain names for any of the above.
  • Specifications - all specifications and / or descriptions of the Goods as specified in the Order.

2. Your obligations at registration

To use the service, you agree to provide true, accurate, current and complete information about yourself. In case we consider that this obligation is not fulfilled, we reserve the right to foreclose on limited or unlimited period, without any notice.

3. Security of Personal Data (Privacy, cookies, personal information)

Istodorescu Doina PFA is registered in the Register of Processing Personal Data under the number 0003547.

According to Law no. 677/2001 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and the free movement of such data, modified and supplemented, Istodorescu Doina PFA is required to manage safely and only for specified purposes, the personal data you provide.

The purpose of data collection is informing customers (Buyers) on the situation of your products and orders, customer information on the status of orders, evaluate products and services, commercial activities, promote products and services, marketing, advertising, media, market research, statistics, tracking and monitoring sales.

By filling in the form to create your account and/ or order, you unconditionally declare that your personal data will be included in the database of Istodorescu Doina PFA and you agree expressly and unequivocally that all such personal data to be stored, used and processed by Istodorescu Doina PFA. Also, you agree expressly and unequivocally that such personal data may be transferred (ceded) by Istodorescu Doina PFA to both affiliates and/ or other entities in the country or abroad with respect to the legislation.

By reading these Terms and Conditions you acknowledge that you are guaranteed the rights provided by law, namely the right to information, access to data, the right of intervention, the right to opposition, the right not to be subjected to an individual decision, the right to go to court in case of violation of his rights under the Law 677/2001 on the Protection of Individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and the free movement of such data. Also you have the right to oppose the processing of your personal data and to request their total or partial deletion.

Based on a written, dated signed and mailed request letter, sent to Istodorescu Doina PFA, Bucharest, Bd. Gloriei, Nr.20, Parter, Sector 1, you can exercise freely the following rights:

  • Once a year, to confirm that personal data should be processed or not;
  • To change details of the data transmitted;
  • To oppose data processing for legitimate reasons relating to their particular situation
  • Erasing data, unless required by law.

Thus, Istodorescu Doina PFA can notify customers about current offers by newsletter, and can send any type of special messages / offers.

Any customer who has explicitly provided his email address on the website Istodorescu Doina PFA can choose to delete it from our database. The information you provide will be used for the purpose for which you provided to administer, support and evaluate our services and to prevent breaches of security, the law or our contract terms.

Also Istodorescu Doina PFA may provide your personal information with other companies who are in partnerships, but only under a pledge of confidentiality from them, which guarantees that this data is kept secure and that the provision of personal information is required by law, as follows: suppliers of marketing services, courier services pay banking, telemarketing or other services, other companies with which we can develop joint programs offering to market our products and services, insurers.

4. Copyright


The entire content of the website www.nitasao.com, as including text, images, web graphics, and other data, is owned by Istodorescu Doina PFA and is protected under copyright law and laws on intellectual property rights and industrial.

The use of any items listed above without a written consent from Istodorescu Doina PFA is punishable under the laws in force.

Istodorescu Doina PFA provides website users limited access to this site in order to purchase products and information, but does not grant permission to reproduce part of or the entire site, to copy, to use this site for commercial purposes without express written consent from Istodorescu Doina PFA.

5. Links to other sites

Istodorescu Doina PFA is not responsible and can not be held responsible for the content (meaning the inclusive nature) of websites which are accessible through links available on www.nitasao.com. Responsibility for these sites is entirely of their owners.

6. Electronic Communications

By using the site www.nitasao.com for purchasing goods/ products and/ or participation in programs launched, the user gives his consent for receiving default notices electronically from Istodorescu Doina PFA. Included in this category are communications by e-mail and/ or ads on the site.

Istodorescu Doina PFA respects freedom of choice and allows users to express their desire not to receive electronic communications, thereby stopping communication by e-mail.

7. Responsibilities on traded products

Istodorescu Doina PFA is not responsible for and can not be held responsible for any damage arising in any way using products purchased from this website.

Istodorescu Doina PFA does not guarantee nor can be held responsible if the items purchased do not meet the purpose for which they were purchased.

Istodorescu Doina PFA does not warrant that product presentations or any other content of the website are free of errors or that the site offers complete information.

Also Istodorescu Doina PFA is not liable and will not be held responsible for the site's functionality, information and content.

8. Disputes and Conflicts

Any attempt of unauthorized access to the site and any attempt of fraud will be reported to the authorities. Any conflict between Istodorescu Doina PFA and clients/ buyers sought to be resolved amicably, by agreement between the two parties. If this is not possible, the Romanian legal provisions in the field shall apply, and the conflict's resolution will be held in the Romanian courts.


By launching electronic or telephone orders on www.nitasao.com, the  Buyer agrees with the form of communication (phone or email) through which the Seller  carries out its operations.

The order will be consisting of the following documents:

  1. Order (together with clear mentions of data delivery and billing) and its specific conditions
  2. Buyer's specifications (where applicable)
  3. The terms and conditions of contract


If the Seller confirms the order, this will involve a complete acceptance of the terms of the Order. Acceptance of orders by the Seller shall be considered completed when there is verbal confirmation (phone) or electronic (e-mail) from the Seller to the Buyer, without requiring a receipt from him. Seller does not consider any unconfirmed order as having the value of a contract.

This Agreement shall enter into force on the order confirmation by the Seller. Confirmation is made by telephone or electronically (e-mail). General terms and conditions of sale will be the basis of such a contract, ended in supplementing the Warranty Certificate issued by the Seller or its supplier.

SELLER: Istodorescu Doina PFA
F40 / 3980 / 20.05.2012, CUI: 30753949
Headquarters: Bucharest, Bd. Gloriei, no. 20, Ground floor, sector 1
Tel: +40734887193, contact@nitasao.com

BANK: BRD Bucurestii Noi
IBAN: RO73BRDE445SV45256954450
FUNCTIONING NOTICE No. 2796727 of 29/07/2013

BUYER - individuals, legal entity or any other entity that issues an Order.



The buyer agrees to purchase from the Seller and the Seller undertakes to supply goods required by the Order made by the Buyer and confirmed by the Seller, in the amount specified by the Buyer in the Order.


According to the Order required


  1. This contract shall enter into force upon confirmation by Istodorescu Doina PFA of the order placed by the Buyer.
  2. Confirmation of order by Istodorescu Doina PFA will be made by phone or e-mail, sent to the address provided by the Buyer.


  1. Deliver products in the original packaging of the manufacturer, without damage
  2. To deliver the goods ordered by the Buyer in quantity, price and time stipulated in the order confirmation
  3. In case the Buyer terminate the contract under Art. 6.3 before product delivery, giving up his Order, Istodorescu Doina PFA undertakes not to carry out the delivery.


  1. Obligation to acknowledge the provisions of the General Conditions of Use of the website, www.nitasao.com, and admits that he agreed with it at the checkout and default signing this contract.
  2. Uundertakes to pay the contract value (value products and value delivery) receipt of products.


Ownership of the Goods / Products will be transferred at the time of payment, from the Buyer, in the location indicated in the order (meaning the delivery - signing the receipt of the transport document provided by courier or signing the receipt invoice in case of deliveries made by Seller personnel). In case of delivery by post or courier, it is not authorized by Seller to allow Buyer to open packages before signing for delivery, but only after signing the delivery and payment of their equivalent value. If after transfer of property the Buyer finds differences between the order (bill) and the contents of the package, it will notify the Seller in writing within 3 days.

Art. 7. The unilateral right of contract withdrawal

7.1 The buyer has the right to cancel the distance contract in writing, within 10 days from receipt of the products, without penalty and without giving any reason. In this situation the buyer is obligated not to remove labels and not to use the product.

7.2 When appealing to the right of withdrawal, the buyer shall pay the cost of return of the products.

7.3 Istodorescu Doian PFA will reimburse the amount paid by the Buyer for the products. Reimbursement must be made within 30 days from the date of termination of contract by the Buyer.


8.1 Istodorescu Doina PFA is not responsible for and can not be held responsible for any damage occurred by any use of the products purchased. Istodorescu Doina PFA does not guarantee nor can be held responsible if the items purchased do not meet the purpose for which they were purchased.


All products sold by the www.nitasao.com site receive warranty conditions as required by law.

Art. 10. Force majeure

Neither party shall be liable for failure to perform its contractual obligations, if such default is due to a force majeure event. Force majeure is unforeseeable, beyond the control of the parties and can not be avoided.


This agreement is subject to Romanian law. Any disputes arising between the organizer and the participants in the campaign will be solved amicably or, if it will not be possible, disputes shall be settled by the competent Romanian courts.


Using the site implies acceptance of explicit front of the terms, conditions and privacy policy. For use in the best conditions of the site, we recommend you to carefully read all terms and conditions. The owner of this site is Istodorescu Doina PFA.