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KINTSUGI 金継ぎ is the Japanese art of repairing broken pottery, using a mix of laquer and powdered gold, silver or platinum.
Also known as 'the art of precious scars', it is a way of celebrating imperfections. Broken objects are not to be hidden but put back together and displayed with pride.
This collection, gilded in gold and silver leaves and metalic threads, comes as a reminder that us humans are sometimes alike broken pottery. And after difficult and confusing times, such as this pandemic, we might feel in pieces and scarred.

I hope this collection inspires you and makes you realize that sometimes it's the negative experiences that can make us more positive afterwards and the scars that can make us more beautiful, unique and precious.


This comfy maxi shirt's fabric teleports us on a calming evening on the beach, with the waves in our ears and the moon above us.  We added a couple porcelain buttons, so that the story's complete. Handmade and burnt for days at temperatures reaching 1260 degrees, so that they're strong! A couple of them luster painted in gold, with our brand's name written in Japanese, so that wherever you go, you can always take us with you!



Limited edition! Very few pieces available!

Fabric: 100% polyester; porcelain buttons; Sizes: S, M, L;
For other sizes or custom made shirts contact us via email of phone;
Colors: as seen in pictures;


PS: the cut is so figure friendly that you can go a size up or down and you will barely notice a difference!

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