Different day, totally different style!

I will remember the 2nd day of LFW A/W17 as the day when my self-confidence went through the roof. I usually believe in myself and feel good in my own skin, but yesterday was a totally different story. I can't remember the last time I've received more compliments from strangers passing by on the street. And that's one of the things I usually love about London. Total strangers that take a couple seconds from their life just to acknowledge out loud the fact that you put in some extra effort before leaving the house that day. And then they just walk away, leaving you with a smile to keep.
And yesterday they made me stop and ask myself "why now more than ever?".

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What a 1st day it was!
Four very talented designers put a huge smile on my face today...but bare with me for a little bit and let's rewind to how the day started off.

If you're going to do LFW, you better do it in style and have a blast! Sleep well, wake up early, have a healthy breakfast, a big cup of strong coffee and put all your make-up skills to the test. Good products always help a lot and these are my buddies for today.

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Welcome to our new virtual meeting spot!

It was about time, I know. It's just...I can't seem to figure out how to make my day a 48h one. I'll let you know when I do...I bet you need that too!
Going back to reality, there was an entry in my schedule, a week ago, that said 'write and publish the first entry on your blog, Ana!'. But I am obviously writting this while on board of a plane that is 15 min away from touch down in London town.

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