Welcome to House of NITA SAO

They say you have to kiss a lot of frogs to find your prince. In my case, I had to view a lot of places before I found my castle. But I finally did, and so the story begins.

It took months of searching to find it but only a second to know this is the one, for decades to come.

Months of paperwork later, a couple days before my birthday, I received a call. The call.

If only I needed another sign, I was handed the keys exactly on my birthday. And so I laid on the floor, with a glass of champagne in my hand, dreaming of how it will look today. With floor lenght curtains, antique furniture, a grandfather clock and a gramofone, hundreds of hats and clothes collections and accessories and vintage jewelry...and and and...I'll tell you more about how I made it all happen in a future article. Until then, the party.

Months of work later, it was time to invite people to step into my dream world.

"A most precious house, taken out of the pages of an inter-war story, filled with artists of all sorts...writers, theatrologists, actors, upholsters, tailors...and now a hatter.

And because the hatter dreams of his very own fashion house...the story continues!"

200 invites. Signed. Sealed. Delivered.  

6th of April - Grand opening.

With over a hundred beautiful smiles by my side, it was all I could ask for.

The pictures will also speak for themselves but I will like to take the opportunity to thank once more every sigle person that came by to share my joy and be part of the first day of House of NITA SAO.

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Outfit of the day: NITA SAO custom made hat, NITA SAO trench coat dress ( available online in a few days ), ASOS leggings & Dior sandals;

Photos: Elena Cornila Photographer / Flowers: Majadore Bouquet / Candy bar: Macarons Madame Lucie - Bucuresti / Drinks: Proseccobar / Music: Alex Parker & Cvartet Arpeggione