The Haunted House of NITA SAO the Haunted House Of NITA SAO!

The brand's 3rd anniversary is approaching fast so I decided to celebrate it by throwing a spooktacular Halloween party. And at the same time launching this year's two fall-winter collections.

After two weeks of making decorations and transforming the house into a proper setting for a Halloween party, sending out almost 200 invitations, getting the snacks and drinks ready, it was time to have a fang-tastic time!

Dj Alex Parker set the mood.

Donuterie Plaza Romania mesmerized everyone with their frighteningly delicious donuts.

SLOOP energized us with their terribly tasty smoothies.

The two new fall-winter collections stole the show. You'll be able to steal them from our online shop and come by to try them a couple of days :)

A very nice surprise was the visit of 'Prietenii de la 11' show's filming crew, which took a couple interviews and made this cute montage.

One big thanks to every character that came by. You were truly spooktacular!

Check out all of the amazing photos Armand Ionescu took -> HERE