The Birds & The Bees

We're always on the run!

Even if we'd want to dress up every day, our crazy life just doesn't allow us to.

This new collection is for the all the busy bees and early birds out there!

Needing comfy clothes but wanting to stay fly!

Together with some of my dearest friends, I jumped in the car ( and a van, as usual :) ), and headed to Sibiu. The wonderful Astra Museum Park was the perfect location for this free spirit photoshoot.


All the casual jackets, tshirts, shirts and, of course, hats, are now at House Of NITA SAO!

Worn with either jeans & sneakers or leather pants & boots, they're all perfect for fresh autumn outfits.

As always, the hats are one of a kind and the clothes are made using the exact measures of each client.

Looking foward to your visit...for a longer talk about 'The Birds & The Bees'!


Nita 'Busy Bee' Sao