#BookOfTheWeek #1 : The Art of Wearing Hats

The Boater? The Trilby? The Deerstalker? How about 'The Pork Pie'...?
No idea what those mean? In that case, you should indeed read this book! :)

"There are so many hats out there in the big, wide world, that it's hard to know where to start. In case you're feeling utterly bamboozled at the prospect of beginning the search on your own, here are a few pointers to help you in your choice."

To me this was a very light read. But that's because I already know a thing or two about hats :)
For someone that hasn't exactly figured out how to 'wear them', 'own them', 'style them', 'find them' and 'perfect them', the very organised explanations and suggestions will come in handy.
And better yet, have fun while learning...the author's humour is very witty.
About the author?
"Helena Sheffield is the proud owner of somewhere over forty hats. While she currently works in publishing, she expects to venture into professional hat-wearing very shortly, with her first aim being to move into an office big enough for all her hats."

She seems to be one marvellous person...even though I don't agree with her belief that "there's no logical sense in wearing them indoors".

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The parts that I personally truly enjoyed about this book, were the anecdotes and the historical / fun facts. Here are a couple of them:

•    3.300 BC – The earliest known version of a hat.

•    AD800 – St. Clement, English patron saint of hat-makers, accidentally discovers felt.

•    17th century – The term 'milliner' is first used to describe hatmakers. Milan is already considered a centre of fashion, so the term suggests that only 'Milan-ers' make hats.

•    1939 – 1945 – In France, berets are adopted as a symbol of resistance against Nazi occupation.

•    The 1st man to wear a top hat on the streets of London was arrested for 'causing public disorder'.

I will now leave you to discover the rest of it, but remember:

"How a hat makes you feel is what a hat is all about."
Philip Treacy

See you next Friday, with "Why Fashion Matters".