The Annual Royal Garden Party

One of my favourite events of the year took place a couple days ago and I am now here to answer the most asked questions about it.

Why? Where?

Three significant historical events have taken place on the 10th of May, in Romania. Therefore, thousands of people gather every year to celebrate the Day of Romania's Royalty, either at Elisabeth Palace, in Bucharest, or at Peles Castle, in Sinaia.

The garden party is usually hosted by Crown Princess Margareta, Prince Radu and Princess Maria.

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How? How do you attend and how do you pick out an outfit for such an event?

The invitations are sent around two weeks prior. But that is not enough time to pull off a worthy and spectacular outfit. Knowing that the date is always the same means you have no excuse for a 'last minute' look.

Advice #1: Take into consideration a couple options. The weather is always moody in May and you never know if you can wear just a dress or you'll need a gorgeous coat as well.

You should usually start with the hat, as 'she' is the superstar here. Contact a milliner, visit a hat shop or showroom...there's one in Mihail Kogalniceanu Square, nr 7...House Of NITA SAO, I believe it is called?! :)

This year I went the other way around. I've chosen to wear a velvety-floral headpiece, that would complement a purple NITA SAO coat, from the Pleats Please collection, and the very first NITA SAO dress ( collection loading... ).

Let's now talk about the rest of the attire.

Dresses and skirts should be of modest length, falling just above the knee or longer.

If the weather allows you to leave your coat or jacket at home, make sure the chosen dress or top has sleeves, of any lenght, or at least wide straps. A pashmina shawl may also be worn on the shoulders.

Trouser suits are also an option, but not very often considered by the attending female guests.

As it is an outdoor event, that mostly takes place on the grass, pay special attention to your choice of footwear. I advise you to leave your gorgeous pairs of heels for other special occasions and choose flats.

There are few things less elegant than wobbling around and having your heels covered in dirt and grass.

Advice #2: If you are not a fan of flats, either chose a very small but thick heeled shoes or a pair of elegant platforms.

This year I chose a pair of Kate Spade flats. Given that my outfit was a very young and colorful one, I found them appropriate even if they were not as elegant and classically proper as the ones that I've worn before.

I do think that, when putting together an outfit, one should also take into consideration their personality and personal image. I am 27 years old and an artist. Will I wear these flats when I am 80 years old? Maybe :) But on the street, not at a royal garden party.

We're almost done with the outfit.

Add an elegant clutch or a small handbag.

Maybe even a pair of gloves, if the weather allows you to do so. I must say I was quite happy with the cold weather this year, as my poor hat maker hands are one step away from quitting their job...

( Advertising moment: Do you know someone that knows how to make hats or is interested to learn? Call 0-7-3-4-8-8-7-1-9-3, right away :) )

Now, if the headpiece is as statement as it should be, there will probably be no more room left for jewelry. You can add a precious ring or a tennis bracelet. If you're not wearing gloves, that is. 

Advice #3: Buy a transparent umbrella. If it drizzles, it will be your best friend and your hat will still catch everyone's attention.

All of the above being said, I felt amazing in my almost head-to-toe NITA SAO outfit, this year.

And that smile was getting bigger and bigger with every familiar headpiece that I encountered at the event.

Here are a couple of the gorgeous ladies whom wore NITA SAO pieces with such grace and attitude.

Dr. Sandra Gatejeanu Gheorghe – Protocol Director of The Royal House, wearing a headpiece from the brand new Magnificence mini collection

Lorina Seres – Azay – supplier of The Royal House, also wearing a Magnificence headpiece, with added fuschia feathers, to match

Silvia Cimpeanu - fashion blogger for Bucharest Style, and Daniela, both wearing fascinators and Pleats Please coats

Irina and Keesha - blogger at Keesha traieste, wearing custom-made fascinators

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