Striped Orchid

The straight lines that run through orchids have led them to be a symbol of perfection, elegance and luxury. There is beauty in symmetry and the 'Striped Orchid' collection is meant to make every woman that wears its pieces feel both strong and romantic, at the same time!

I have a declared love for orchids. An exotic beauty that has taken over the world more and more with each passing year. And also my home, as my mother is completely in awe with them as well.

They come in more shapes, sizes and colors than you can imagine. Did you think that they only grow in hot tropical forests? Think again.

They might look weak but are actually incredibly strong. Some can be found above the Arctic Circle or in the desert while others are 'air plants' that grow on trees.

I find them fascinating and wonder I've decided to make them the star of the newest NITA SAO collection!

It was about time for a more elegant line of clothes, I know!

The dresses are both floor lenght and short. Some of them can be worn with oxford shoes or flats as well as with high heels. Especially the one that has stripes as well as favourite one!

Why stripes?

Because it was an unexpected combination but a match made in heaven at the same time. I feel that both elements, the floral and the graphic one, shine separately but together as well. More so, there is a slight animal print element also, within the all-pink fabric, added for an extra wild factor.

But maybe you don't feel like wearing a dress to a formal event or to a chic party...
How about a powerful suit, but feminine and unique as well!

Still too formal, elegant and dressed up?

If you're looking for a more comfortable choice, here are your new best friends: the palazzo pants!

You can wear them with oxford shoes, flats or sandals during the day, even at work or around town and then, after the sun comes down and you girlfriends are waiting for you at your favourite bar or at an event...grab a nice pair of high heels, let your hair down, put on a killer lipstick and here you go, an outfit to die for!

And maybe add a hat or a hair accessory as well?

You know I am a strong believer that there is a head accessory for every occasion, part of the day and individual!

Dont you agree that they just complete every look shown above?

I hope so!

This photoshoot was a true pleasure, for everyone involved, and I couldn't be more happy about that.

Working with talented, dedicated and passionate people makes it feel like one big party!

Special thanks to Stefan Petrescu from Satori Studio – photography, the gorgeous models Virginia Usiku & Roxana Bercaru, Loredana Cencu for her, as always, killer make-ups and The 5th Element for those chic yet comfy shoes!

And last but not least, Micut-Istrate Ilie for this awesome making-of video:

See you soon with the second collection we're launching this season...get ready and 'Let's Flamingle'!