Spooktacular DIY Halloween Ideas – by NITA SAO ( part 2 )

So here we are for part 2 of how to throw a spooktacular Halloween party with as little spending as possible.

Remember I told you that storing the water bottles and cans will be useful in more ways than just using them as weights when creating spider webs. Well, you can complete the theme and transform them into...giant spiders :)

Add a styrofoam sphere, some black tape and whatever filling material/fabric you have laying around. I used some plastic foil.

Make legs out of connected bottles. Use the can for the body, using fillers in order to give it a more natural shape. Take the styrofoam sphere and wrap it in foil if it's size is not big enough. And then connect all the pieces by using black tape. Simple as that. And gorgeous as this ->

Now that we're done with most decorations, let's turn to food & drinks.

I saw this cute idea online and it's truly helpful. Food is tricky at parties and you usually have to take care of it last minute. And you'll probably end up rushing your make-up because there are still a gazzilion snacks to be made. My personal story pretty much every party I've thrown...ever :)

But it looks like this time I've learned from my mistakes.

I took clear plastic foil bags and drew skeleton and pumpkin faces on them, using a black marker. Then added popcorn and peanut snacks, tied them up really well and here they are, cute as can be, and ready a couple days before the party.

You can add some other snacks later but at least now you have a good back-up plan.


Here are a couple ways to truly wow your guests and make sure you won't have to wash glasses for two days straight.

First, use syringes as containers for shots...pun intended :)

They're cheap, reusable and easy to store in the fridge until your guests arrive.

You have the same advantages by using transfusion bags as containers for wine...or as I called it: Grape blood!

Tip #1 – Use a metal bottle pourer to connect the wine bottle to the transfusion bag. There is going to be some spillage but placing a bowl underneath will do the trick.

And now, the last minute decorations. For which I've invited my friend Maja over, which happens to be a florist.

Tip #2 - No house decor is complete without plants or flowers. They bring everything to life.

Maja brought by a couple tree branches, which she spraypainted black, to which she then glued flowers, forest fruits, plastic spiders and added some fake spider web.

Save some flowers and some fake spider web for a front door decoration as well. You'll also need a metal circle, moss and a thin metal wire, preferably a green one. Add whatever creatures you like...or have left :)

Tip #3 – You can also print or draw a greeting message, to place inside the door decoration. We personally ran out of time and had to skip this step.

And how could I end this entry better than with pumpkins. They are traditional decorations but you can always do something a little bit different. We decided to carve the letters that make up the brand's name and then use a couple angry looking pumpkins instead of flower vases.

Tip #1 – If you don't have one, find someone that owns a mini jigsaw wood cutting tool. You'll finish in half the time by using it instead of a knife.

Tip #2 – Carve the pumpkins only a couple days before the party. They rot rather fast.

Tip #3 – Get creative and have fun while you're at it!

I'll 'see' you guys back here tomorrow, with actual pictures from last night's event: The Haunted Hause Of NITA SAO!