Spooktacular DIY Halloween ideas – by NITA SAO ( part 1 )

There are few things that I am more crazy about than hats, but Halloween and throwing parties are up there on the list! And because large events come along with spending big time, here are a couple tips and tricks on how to make your own creative Halloween decorations, while recycling/reusing items you probably have laying around the house as we speak.

First thing first! Invitations!

If you want to go the easy Facebook/e-mail invitation way, suit yourself. But if you want to wow your guests, then follow my lead!

Buy envelopes, wax sticks and a seal. You can choose a standard seal or order a bespoke one, using your initials, logo or any design you'd like. 

Go wild and add other decorations to the envelopes as well, to make them as unique as posible.

This time I chose to glue a couple confetti spiders that seem to be coming out of the envelope...

Tip #1 – There are the traditional wax sticks and then there are the ones that contain a lot of plastic. Avoid the last ones! They are indeed cheaper but the result is not as genuine, they catch fire in an instant and their smoke is definitely very toxic. You can spot the difference in the picture above, the red one being real wax and the orange one the fake version.

Tip #2 – Just letting the wax drip from the candle is not enough, as it will dry up on the envelope by the time you have enough for a gorgeous seal. Have an extra fire source around, to help you speed up the process and get the result that you wish for!

Tip #3 – Pour yourself a good glass of wine as this will take a while...but it'll be worth it, in the end!

Once you've sent the invitations, you must get on with the decorations!

Ok, you might have drank the entire bottle of wine while applying all those wax seal...

Could you maybe reuse that bottle and turn it into a decoration?

Of course you can!

No, I am not an alcoholic...let's just get that out of the way! :) It`s just that I start thinking about Halloween around...June...max July.

Plus, this year I had the showroom opening right before that so...well...here's the result...

Water. I drink that more than wine, believe it or not. So for the past months I've been hoarding all the bottles and cans that I could. For one decoration I used them as weights, to make some huge spider webs, out of rope. For the other decoration...you'll have to wait for 'part 2'...


Now that the creatures have made their entrance, why not use some for centerpiece-like decorations. All you need is a couple jars, plastic creatures, light sources and some cosmetic cotton.

Et voila!

I won't lie, I did get a lot of ideas from searching the world wide web. Some of them worked and some of them...you'll see at the end of this entry...

But first, the successful one, DYI ghosts!

I had some leftover plastic sheets from renovating the showroom, added in the mix a couple styrofoam spheres, some rope, some double-sided tape...and ghosts appeared in an instant!

Tip #4 – Stick the plastic sheet to the sphere by using a tiny bit of double-sided tape. Tie rope to a piece of hard wire. Pierce the sphere through that spot exactly. Draw some spooky eyes and distress the ends of the plastic sheet.

And now, a blooper. Because they are funny and inevitable.

Some people on Pinterest claim you only need some toilet/paper rolls and some glow sticks to make a bunch of spooky eyes.

Trust me, they could only look decent from one side. Even if using a larger glow stick.

And decent is not what you wanna hear if you're going to draw, cut and then paintspray something.

After a little brainstorming I found a way to repurpose all of those spooky eyes. Grabbed a couple old paper lanters, from a Hawaiian party I threw last summer, some fake candles and...all is well when it ends well :)

Hope you found these first diy Halloween ideas helpful and I'll see you back here in a couple of days...for 'part 2'...when I'll be joined by Maja, my talented florist friend!