PLEATS PLEASE – Trench coats with attitude!

I'm a hat maker that is constantly asked what type of clothes go best with hats.
'A good trench coat or coat!' I always find myself saying.
But they're not easy to find. Especially ones with a strong personality, to match the hat.
So here it is, NITA SAO's first clothing collection. For strong, bold and chic women!

Constantly inspired by the 40s and 50s, it's no wonder I am deeply in love with trench coat dresses. There's something about them that gives me an instant boost of confidence. And I hope they will do the same for you, too!

Now that you've seen the lookbook, let's talk a bit about the idea behind it.
I wanted to portray women conquering and enjoying the four big cities of fashion: New York, London, Paris & Milan. Because if you make it there, you can make it anywhere!
Making your way around the city on a busy Monday morning, walking your dog, finding shelter in an art gallery on a rainy day or having a delightful night out. They're all perfect moments to wear these pieces.

The best thing about NITA SAO clothes? They're all custom-made, using your own measurements!
Another great thing about this collection? We can play with all of the fabrics below and make different combinations.

They're already waiting for you to try them on at House of NITA SAO! Make an appointment so we can get your measurements, have a wonderful cup of tea and try on some chic hats while we're at it!
If you're not from Bucharest, do not worry. You can send us your measurements and we'll email you the available fabric&color combinations for the design chosen.

So go ahead! Put one on and conquer your city!

PS: I'd like to thank once more the super talented people that worked at this campaign, as follows:

Photographer: Elena Cornila
Illustrators: Raluca Porumbacu & Roxana Porumbacu
Models: Usiku Virginia & Corina Sucarov
Videographer: Mihai Laz
Make-up artist: Loredana Cencu

PPS: Here's a sneak peak behind the scenes! ( KiMono collection loading... )