#NitaSaoGoesToTheRoyalGardenParty – Her Royal Highness, Princess Elena Of Romania, and one lucky NITA SAO hat

Once upon a time there was a princess which wasn't at all fond of hats.
But one day a young milliner decided to do everything in her power to create the hat that might just break that spell.
This is how yet another happy ending fairytale began!

While wandering the streets of Marrakech, my phone buzzez.

It was a text from the planner of one of the most famous events in Romania: The Royal Garden Party.

Telling me she is looking forward to wearing one of my headpieces again and asking me if I could also create a custom-made hat for someone else, given that I would return to Romania only 4 days before the event took place.

You should've seen my face when finding out that someone else was Her Royal Highness, Princess Elena Of Romania, herself.

This was my first proper vacation in 4 years, ever since launching NITA SAO, but I was somehow ready to jump back on that plane right away and get back to work. I didn't have to, luckily, and it only made my vacation even more exciting, knowing I would have such a challange waiting for me on my very first day back to work.

In what now feels like a blink of an eye, my wandering days were behind me and I was standing in front of The Elisabeta Palace, in Bucharest.

I'm not going to lie, as confident as I usually am, it was a good choice to wear a floor-length skirt, so you couldn't tell my knees were shaking.
Especially after having the honour of meeting Her Royal Highness and finding out she is not at all fond of hats...of any kind.

Oh my!

I locked myself in the atelier for two days and gave it my very best.

Before you knew it I was back at the palace and the gigantic rock that had been sitting on my soul crumbled when hearing these exact words: "Brilliant! Just brilliant! I really do love it!"

I wore that huge smile for a couple days, at least!

On the 10th of May, at the Royal Garden Party, I accessorized it with some of my favourite pieces from the upcoming collection, Striped Orchid: long dress, fancy hat, classy coat.

I added a gorgeous vintage bag, my new Pollini oxford shoes and, because it was promised it will rain, a coat and an umbrella. Transparent, of course, so you will still be able to see the 'piece de resistance' underneath it.

We were greeted by one of the women I admire most, Sandra Gatejeanu Gheorghe, the Chief of Protocol of the Romanian Royal House. Elegance in person!

Only moments went by before the Royal Family stepped out on the famous balcony and then made their way into the garden. HRH Princess Elena was glowing and welcomed me with the most precious smile!

Everyone around her was saying how I've pretty much made the impossible happen.

I was on top of the world happy! Can you tell?

And then let me tell you about the rest of the gorgeous ladies that wore NITA SAO headpieces...and some of them even not yet released clothes!

It was a true pleasure to see all of you classy, out-of-the-box women, wearing NITA SAO with confidence and elegance!

Thank you!

I was sure the media would state that pink was the color of this event and they did!

What can I say: Guilty!

Already looking forward to next year's event!

Envision how your next hat should look like and...you know where to find us!

Happy Ending!