#NITASAOGoesToRomania – My Transylvanian Treehouse Experience

Even the queen bee needs some time off sometimes!

"Discover a truly unique experience living in the treetops among squirrels and birds, in the tranquility of rural Transylvania."

SOLD! I jumped in the car with two of my best friends and had a truly amazing weekend!

First of all, let me tell you, not taking the highway route was a great decision. The rural roads can be quite surprising nowadays. These ones were a thousand times smoother, cleaner and prettier than I expected them to be. More so, Jiu Valley is absolutely breathtaking!!!

The 6 hour drive from Bucharest to Hateg Island was a true pleasure and I honestly can't wait to do it again!

Ask a workaholic what he's looking for in a vacation and the answer will most probably be peace & quiet! I've fallen madly in love with the idea of a treehouse, located in the middle of the forest if possible...and after endless hours or research, we've found The One! :)

"hidden village"..."stress free zone"..."yoga friendly"..."back-to-nature experience"...the description checked all the right boxes!

"This treehouse nestles among the woods and provides amazing panoramic views across the mountains. We built the treehouse to appeal to those who appreciate an eco-friendly experience, and a return to a more simple and basic way of life."

Yes, the amenities were limited. In the picture above you can see the shower, the toilet and the sink. That would probably make most city girls roll their eyes out but it only made it better for us three. I almost lost my voice after the first two hours there, due to cronic laughter! :)

We had cold showers outdoors, using collected rainwater, put on clay facemasks and had a tequila-beer & a smoke in our pijamas on the terrace. It was heavenly!

What else to do?
Well, you can build a fire, cook your dinner outside, hike...

We'll do all of those next time as well! :)

This time we chose to lay in the sun, eats sweets and snacks, play Jenga and continue laughing our asses off until sunrise...

Pro tip: bring your laptop but only use it as a Jenga mat! :) Also, turning your phone silent is a very good idea as well! :)

There's no kitchen in the treehouse but what more can you ask for when having a little fridge, that keeps your drinks cold, and a coffee maker, that helps you press your restart button in the morning?! :)

I can't even decide which part of the day was more enjoyable: the nighttime, with all the crickets and owls underneath a beautiful and clear starry night sky...or the colorful sunrise, with birds singing, good coffee and books...

That's why, those three sad faces, right before leaving, decided to already book another stay for this autumn! :)

Caaaan't wait!

One more thing: make sure to visit Hunedoara Castle while in the area...it's quite marvellous!