#NitaSaoGoesToMorocco: The ocean is calling my name!

Maybe Marrakech is not the place for me. Maybe overcrowded, maybe too many hustlers...or maybe it was the ocean...calling my name!

I'll give Marrakech a second chance in a couple of days, but for now it's time for sandy toes and a sunkissed nose.

Essaouira, here we come!

The day started with another amazing breakfast in our lovely riad. We could get used to this!

And then it was time to strike a pose!

Wearing a full Nita Sao outfit, from the upcoming collection 'Striped Orchid', on one gorgeous rooftop terrace!

Check out that orchid fabric! It is truly divine, isn't it?

( PS: let's just aknowledge again the amazing photos that Odett is taking, please...*round of applause* )

And the animal print fucsia blouse is silky, playful and quite romantic!

The hat was more than obviously made to match. As for the shoes, thank you Asos for your long time friendship!

Enough about clothes and accessories, as wonderful as they made me feel the entire day. It was time to jump into our transfer car and head to the gorgeous Essaouira. A port city and resort on the Atlantic coast, which was about to truly amaze me!

3 happy hours later, because we made the very smart decision of not taking a bus or rent a car ( more about that in the dos and don'ts at the end of the trip ), our eyes met the medina! It reminded me a great deal of Romania's Sighisoara. The narrow and colorful streets, art galleries and small coffee shops everywhere...I am writting this entry in a hurry just so I do not lose another hour of wandering around this little corner of heaven!

It was recommended to us that we go for drinks and dinner at a rooftop bar and restaurant right next to the beach. And what a great recommendation that was! Taros, you rock!

We're surely going back there for some more lovely fresh fish & local wine dinner, but until then, can you tell I'm finally excited about being on holiday?

Instead of 'see you soon', I'll leave you with a Moroccan proverb I've learned yesterday:

Meni techba3 lkerch tkoul l'ras yreni.

When the stomach gets full it tells the head to sing. 


Photos by Odett Andreea Popovici