#NitaSaoGoesToMorocco – I left my heart in Essaouira...

At least a part of it! And that's why there's a certain summertime sadness in my eyes.

My outfit on the other hand is as cheerful, lively and as playful as it gets!

Let's flamingle!

That's the name of this year's summer collection. Dresses of all lenghts, skirts, crop tops, pants, bags, hats and lots and lots of chic turbans. All of them online in two weeks, the latest! 

Until then we hit the beach one more time, before heading back to hectic Marrakech.

Essaouira, which means 'well designed' in Berber, is a walled city dating from the time of the Phoenicians, before becoming a Portuguese fortress.

While on the beach you can go up the main fort tower and enjoy the panoramic view, with all its playful seagulls.

As much as we were dreading leaving, our transfer was on its way.

We took one last look at our favourite hidden alleys, shops and galleries.

And there is no way we could miss out on playing with all the friendly cats that came our way. This town is a paradise for the thousands of adorable felines that soak up the sun all day along, while being fed fresh fish in the market. * Welcome to the good life!

Our riad was as comfy as it was beautiful. Emeraude is quite hipster-esque and has ah-mazing wifi. And that's a huge deal, trust me. After travelling around Morocco, as disconnected as you might want to be, you'll lose it one day or another when transfering a couple pictures would take 109 hours, instead of 1 minute. I didn't make up those numbers, just so we're clear :)

Even the riad's dog was sad to see us go...

But I promised I'll come back and I'm a woman of my word!

Once again we were incredibly happy on choosing to get our own transfer. More on the pros and cons in the last entry about our Morocan adventure but...just imagine us carrying our backpacks and all those pieces of luggage around town and on and off a bus...Could've sold tickets to that show! :)

After only 3 hours we were back on the busy and noisy streets of Marrakech.

I was ready to give the city a second shot and he was about to blow my mind!

From the moment I stepped foot in our new riad, my eyes sparkled. It was one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen. Not sure pictures will do it justice but I will come back with the best ones soon.

The most wonderful surprise Marrakech had for us was waiting on the terrace next to our room.

I mean, best welcoming committee e-v-e-r! :)

Laylah sa'idah, little ones!

Good night!

Photos by Andreea Odett Popovici