#NitaSaoGoesToMorocco - Buggy driving in the Palmgrove and Rock Desert

I'm a maniac when it comes to driving. Give me the opportunity and I'll hop in and on anything that has an angrily purring engine. 

Having fun with buggies in the Palmgrove and Rock Desert sounded like a perfect afternoon while in Marrakech. 

The team was truly awesome. Friendly, helpful and laid back.  

We drove 50 minutes into the desert, where desert was waiting for us :) 

The delicious and traditional moroccan pancakes, mnsemen, in a huge tent, alongside honey and the always present fresh mint tea. 

It had been raining frequently for the past month so the desert was as beautiful as it could be. The cacti were taller than us...the field of wheat moved with every gust of wind revealing beautiful bright red poppies...our eyes had in front of them all the shades of green out there...we were truly lucky to experience such magnificent views.

It was a fun and relaxing activity which I recommend to anyone while in Marrakech. 

Pro tip: wear foundation. As much of it as you can. It's the only way you can achieve this marvellous look! 

I'm kidding. Wear sunscreen! Lots of it! 

And listen to this while daydreaming of the desert!

And book a ticket! You deserve it, surely! 

Photos by Odett Andreea Popovici