#NitaSaoGoesToMarrakech - Yves Saint Laurent Museum & The Majorelle Garden

"I prefer to shock rather than to bore through repetition." YSL

And what a pleasant shock was the exhibition put together in his honor!

Two of the attractions you just cannot miss in Marrakech are the YSL Museum and The Majorelle Garden.

The ( so much more than a ) museum opened its doors less than a year ago and you can tell that people are head over heels excited by it...there is always a queue in front!

In case you visit, make sure you have the entire day available. There is a queue to get the tickets, one to enter the museum and one to enter the garden...and one in the shop, in case you want to buy some cool books, gorgeous bookmarks, posters or postcards.

As well organised as everything is you should take into consideration an one hour and a half wait to get into all of these locations, all together.

Now, back to our wonderful day in the YSL world.

I was impatiently waiting for a chance to wear the first dress from the upcoming Striped Orchid collection and here it was.

It's such a versatile and fun dress! I wore it very casually that day but I am planning on rocking it to a wedding as well.

You're not allowed to take pictures inside the exhibition so you will have to take my word for it.

It is truly worth it!

I had goosebumps the moment I stepped inside.

The entry hall is a voyage to the heart of what inspired the designer, followed by fifty absolutely gorgeous pieces from his most known collections of all time.

The pea coat, the Mondrian dress, 'le smoking', the safari jacket...they are all there.

The museum scenographer, Christophe Martin has highlighted the displayed pieces against a black and minimal background in a way that the outfits get the spotlight they deserve.

It is impossible to not get moved by the entire experience once you also witness all of the audiovisual elements – sketches, photos, bits of iconic runway shows and interviews.

Once you step out amazed, you can exchange impressions and feelings with your companion while walking around The Majorelle Garden. A two and a half acre botanical garden, created more than forty years ago by the french orientalist artist, Jacques Majorelle, and purchased by YSL in the 80s.

It was also a great location to take pictures of my new and fabulous dress.

I wore it that day with a vintage YSL necklace which my mother gifted to me many many years ago and with a pair of ASOS sneakers.

We both loved the garden, which is a sanctuary of color and the most beautiful plants you could encouter. Check out more pictures on Odett's Instagram, the guilty one for all of these magnificent photos.

We ended the day at Le Jardin. A cool hipsteresque terrace, with great service, food and the right way to pour mint tea.

And great wifi, which as I've already told you before, it's a very rare thing to come across.

It's not the best choice to wander Marrakech's streets after midnight. The taxis are not allowed near the market, where Le Jardin was, so we were offered another way of transportation to our lovely riad.

You have to try the local tuk-tuks! We had the time of our lives and laughed until our bellies hurt!

Photos by Odett Andreea Popovici