#NitaSaoGoesToMarrakech: Marhaba!

Do you believe in life after work? ( after work...after work...after work )

Ana can't come to the phone right now!
Because she's...on holiday!  

Not dead, like in Taylor's song, but dead-exhausted.
Very happy to have finished the next two clothing lines and hat & hair accessories collections but even happier when packing some of them in my luggage and taking off to Marrakech via London!

I reached Africa's 'Red City' a couple days ago, around midnight, together with my oh so dear friend, Odett!

We were eager to get some rest but the city was apparently even more eager to meet me.
It was 5 am when the first call to prayer broke the night's silence. The sun wasn't even close to being up but I found it so charmingly calming that I decided to make my way into the garden and finish the book I started on the flight.
It was truly magical.
The loud but enchanting chirping of exotic birds. The water flowing serenly.
The blue cold light slowly making its way into the courtyard, letting me discover the riad's arhitecture in my own divine timing, before anyone else roamed around and the hustle and bustle of the streets would take over.
Sabah alkhyr! ( Good morning! )

Our first riad, Khol, is welcoming and truly beautiful. What a waste it would be to stay in a hotel while in Morocco.   

After a delicious breakfast it was time to discover the city!

But not before I would sweep all the floors with my brand new Nita Sao palazzo pants! :)
Especially because it rained that very same night ( not the best combination of elements, I might add ).

But here they are! Comfy, stylish and online in a week or so!
The other pieces from the upcoming 'Striped Orchid' collection will make their presence known every other day for the rest of my getaway...

I wore them with a Bershka tshirt and denim jacket, a fabulous pair of jelly Melissa oxfords and took my red shades out of an H&M bag.

And just like my wrist watch predicted, the adventure began.

I instantly understood why there are so many mixed feelings and stories about Morocco's biggest city. One minute you're on captivating mazelike alleys and the next you find yourself amongst some heartbreaking wreckages that make you truly feel like on a post-war movie set.  

We found our way to the medina's famous busy market, without being hit by any of the thousands of fast and furious scouters passing by. Victory!

More on the dos and don'ts of Marrakech, in another entry. One must not jump to conclusions after only one day. Even if that day was incredibly long and my feet have been in extreme pain ever since. Ok! One piece of advice from the start: wear those boring but comfy shoes...don't try and be a fashion hero!

Ok, one more! Check out the 'Le Salama' restaurant and rooftop bar, near the market. It's a gorgeous place to have some shisha, a couple drinks and some local gourmet food.

Now, excuse me but I have to get ready for a new exciting day. The ocean is calling! * wink wink *

I'll be back soon, with plenty of pretty photos!

Photos by Odett Andreea Popovici