#NITASAOGoesToLondonHatWeek - Representing Romania at the World Garden Hat Exhibition

The official exhibition of London Hat Week 2019 is here! 
My piece - '100 Romanian Peonies' - was already waiting for me at Menier Gallery, alongside many other beauties...so it was time to head to my soul city! 

The gallery is right in the heart of London, next to London Bridge. And between the 3rd and 12ve of April this year, it becomes a hat lover's paradise. 

It felt great seeing my work next to the one of so many talented artists!

The hatinator got a little damaged during transportation. The weather went from spring to winter in the blink of an eye. The trains were delayed. But nothing could steal the smile on my face put there by seeing people admiring my piece at the Private View Party. 

I don't get proud of mysef often but in this case I'll make an exception : ) 


"For our 2019 London Hat Week exhibition, ‘The Great Hat Exhibition – World Garden’, we take you to see the world through the 200 beautifully crafted hats by milliners from all over the world. They have captured the most exotic, exquisite, intriguing flowers, plants, and landscape scenes for you to enjoy. Come and immerse yourself a journey across continents, and be inspired by the wonderful colours and forms of nature!"

Here are a couple pieces that really caught my eye! 

Congratulations to all the milliners for their talent and dedication! And many thanks to the ones behind the event, Monique Lee and the X Terrace team! 

I had a great time that night. Chose to wear a matchy hatinator to the one exhibited, a NITA SAO 'Pleats Please' coat, Zara dress, Sam Edelman velvet sandals, Maestoso bag, Dyrberg/Kern rings and some very cute vintage brooches. 

I met some incredibly fascinating characters, just as mad about hats as myself! 

And I was yet again lucky to have one of my best friends with me, my dear Odett! 

If you need another reason to visit the gallery, there will also be a pop-up shop with over 100 hats for you to choose from during the exhibition period! 
Two of them look quite familiar, don't they! 

Keep an eye on my 'baby' when visiting! And enjoy!