#NITASAOGoesToLondonHatWeek: ‘100 Romanian Peonies’

It’s official!

This year I will be representing Romania at London Hat Week, showcasing my work at the marvelous ‘The Great Hat Exhibition 2019’, curated by X Terrace!

The 5th edition of LHW will take place in April and I couldn’t be more excited for all the workshops, social events and parties that I’ll be attending…but most of all: seeing my piece at The Menier Gallery!

Around a hundred and fifty works signed by milliners from around the world will form what might be my favorite exhibition so far.

This year’s theme: ‘World Garden’!

Each artist had to create a hat or a head accessory interpreting the given theme, present its photos and tell its story to the curators!

Did you know that in a couple remote areas of Romania you can find an incredibly rare type of peony, that can only be admired there during the 10 days of May in which it blooms?

Specialists call it a relict flower and it is considered a true ‘survivor’ as it has overcome all the glaciations that have gone over Europe. We could say it is as old and as strong as crocodiles.

Paeonia romanica peregrina: its simple beauty, resilience and uniqueness fascinated me.

I’ve decided to recreate them from scratch, using brocades, silks, taffetas and triple veils.

‘Why so many fabrics cutouts on the table?!’, you might ask.

As you probably already know, last year the country celebrated its Centenary: 100 years of blooming Romania!

In order for the tribute to be complete I’ve decided to somehow make exactly 100 flowers to fit on one single hatinator.

I had no idea what a complete madness it was until I’ve started working on it…

Hundreds of leaves and pistils…over a thousand petals…whom even knows how many hundreds of hours of working my fingers to the bone…

…without any further ado, ladies and gentlemen, I give to you: ‘100 Romanian Peonies’!





The peonies, alongside a couple hats that will be available in the shop, have already left for London. I cannot wait to join them in…91 days…but who’s counting!

It will be a truly magnificent week!

Stay tuned!