Looking for unique Christmas gifts? You won't find them at the mall! #Cool #XmasGiftsIdeas #Part1

Christmas should not be about consumerism, expensive gifts or stressing out. And that's why you should stay out of shopping malls. It will be almost impossble to find something truly special, worth it and not curse for hours while making your way from shop to shop alongside another thousands of  people on the rush.
So let's see what alternatives are out there...

If you have the skills, make something yourself. There are so many DIY tutorials out there and you might just have fun and discover a new hobby while at it.

If you have the time, search the world wiiiiide web for cool & small stores that your special someone never heard of. Surprise them to the fullest!
And also surprise and support the person running that business. As a young entrepreneur I can guarantee that with every order placed comes a very big and sincere smile and plenty of gratitude.

Let's say you have neither skills nor time. No worries :)
There are 14 days left until Christmas. And I have 14 cool ideas of gifts that you can offer the ones that deserve to have things made with love, attention to details and that could be unique, just as they are. And you can find them all in one place, at my dear House Of NITA SAO!

Dyrberg/Kern is my favourite brand of contemporary designer jewelry.
Hand-made limited series, created in Denmark, using only the best of materials, such as pearls, semi-precious stones or Swarovski crystals. Also, all of their items are hypoallergenic. Important for those as myself, allergic to metals that are not pure.

I've been wearing their jewelry for many many years and I must tell you that I am highly impressed by how enduring they are. I am never carefull with jewelry but somehow all of my pieces are still looking like brand new.

More into vintage jewelry than contemporary ones? In our magical showroom you'll find a rather vast collection as well.
And there's one item in particular that vintage collectors love! And that is a brooch!
You can wear it in so many ways. On the collar of a jacket, alongside a scarf, on a necklace, a purse, a hat, in your hair...you can do true magic with one!
Here a couple of my favourites, which I am still finding hard to sell :)

More about jewelry in part. 2.
It's time to focus on other types of accessories as well.
I've mentioned scarves earlier. Another item that you can play all sorts of tricks with. You can wear one around your neck in as many ways as stars in the sky...you can put one in your jacket's pocket, as a handkerchief...around your wrist as a bracelet...around your waist or hips, instead of a belt...turn it into a turban or tie one chic ponytail with it...the options are endless!

If you want to surprise people that love hats and hair accessories, then you already know you've come to the right place!
If you don't know their head size then it's best to go for hair accessories, like fascinators, turbans, berets and hairbands.

One of my favourite collection so far is the one in which I've used this absolutely gorgeous sequined wool. All the items are just perfect for winter outfits!

Headbands are not just an accessory for girls and teenagers. They can be rather classy and suitable for all ages. I like to use fine fabrics, vintage buttons and even semi-precious stones when creating one.
As for the kids collection, you can still find some adorable bunnies and teddybears on the online shop, www.nitasao.com.  

Let's not forget about the gentlemen! Which should go back to wearing hats more often, if you ask me. We ladies sure do love a dandy gentleman by our side...or a rebel soul for that matter! :)  

The last gift idea for now is t-shirts. I challenge you to show me a person that doesn't wear t-shirts. No matter the gender, the age or the occupation, we all wear t-shirts from time to time. So why not wear ones that are hand-made, in few pieces and that can tell a story.
If you fell in love with her or his blue eyes...if you want to keep your loved one safe from the superstitions of the 'evil eye'...or if you just want to wish them good luck in the upcoming year, the 'All Eyes On You' collection is the one for you.
Or maybe your special someone is hardworking, always on the run, like a bee or a bird, and you want to acknowledge and celebrate that...check out 'The Birds and The Bees' collection...hopefully that will be the one for you!

And that being said, I'll meet you here next week, for part. 2, with some last minute ideas for cool and unique Christmas gifts! Until then, be merry!