' Let's Flamingle ' party @ House of NITA SAO!

Sometimes I wonder if I launch so many collections each year just to have an excuse to throw as many parties as possible!

Plausible...scratch that...Probable!

As accustomed, the guests received their invitations via curier, with a little surprise inside: a gold flamingo shaped bottle opener...as we were about to open the season of summer hats, crazy coloured outfits and partying until sunrise!

The excitement was through the roof so we had to make sure everything was in its place and ready to welcome everybody to one tropical and fun party!

After several days of decorating and creating an entirely new display for this summer's collection, the showroom was a little corner of paradise, unpaciently waiting for the event.

The story wouldn't have been whole without a couple other brands involved.

Let me tell you about the lovely partners I've had for this event!

Alira is a boutique winery with vineyards in South-East Romania, were a famous French winemaker in love with our country, Marc Dworkin, works his magic.

Alira aims at creating premium wines, combining modern technologies with traditional processes, such as manual picking and a careful selection of grapes. In addition, the popularity of Alira wines has crossed the border of Romania and even the continent. The wine cellar is proud to carry on the popularity of Romanian wines all over the world.

As they beautifuly put it: "Because happiness is also measured in milliliters."

Most guests were individuals that know a thing or two about wine. They all agreed – it was one of the most refined and flavoureful wines we've ever had the pleasure to taste. Plus, having a somelier to tell us their stories and help us find its most hidden notes was a very chic touch.

Sloop is surprisingly uncomplicated but with a great taste. In short, Sloop is 100% good, 0% malicious.

Because it's made 100% of fresh whole crushed or squeezed fruits and nothing else. You enjoy all the good things in them, even the pulp and the fibers.

It was the second time Sloop brought their healty and tasty goodies to House Of NITA SAO and the two new smooties were as refreshing as always! I am a declared fan!

'Vice Cream' ice cream is crafted in its own laboratory by a family originally from Italy, the country of the famous "gelato".

Why so special? They say it's due to the ingredients they use! Everything is 100% natural – no gluten – no lactose – no added sugar.

After seeing how incredibly in love with all their tropical flavours everybody was, I say it's the passion as well !


Stefan from Satori Studio is a very dedicated and talented photographer and it was a true joy to work with him again!

Here are a couple of the beautiful shots he took:

You can check out the entire photo album here !

As a host you're all over the place at an event...so I have to trust what my ( over 60 of them ) guests told me: Yet another succesful, fun and 'different' one!

More than that, the new creations were flying off the shelves and the flamingos, pineapples and palmtrees were headed to their new homes or to some exotic vacation destinations!

I couldn't be happier!

May we see each other with the same joy every single time!

One big thank you to everyone that came by!

Kisses and hugs!