Last minute #Cool #XmasGiftsIdeas ( #Part2 )

There's only a week left until Christmas and you haven't bought all the gifts, have you!?

No worries, it happens to all of us! :)

So here are a couple more ideas on how to surprise those people dear to you!
The 'Pleats Please' collection is a showstopper and even though the items are coats and trenchcoats are made to measure, using the clients' exact measurements, you could still gift a personalised voucher which will most certain impress the one that receives it. 

Same goes for 'The Birds & The Bees' clothing collection. Especially if we're talking about those that are always on the run but want to stay fly. The jackets are incredibly comfy but cool at the same time!

In part 1 we've talked about jewelry but haven't covered all of them.
Vintage necklaces can be the wow factor of an outfit and you can find some amazing pieces at House Of NITA SAO.

And whom doesn't love a pair of statement Dior or Burberry earrings that frame one's face beautifully and catch the attention of everyone arround. Some of them are hard to sell as I'd want to keep for myself, I must admit! :)

I love accessories so much that I also created a line of handmade jewelry myself. One of a kind retro inspired adjustable rings and clip-on earrings. The brooches are going to be available soon as well.  

New Year's Eve is around the corner as well and maybe some of the ladies will attend a 20's or 30's themed party. These head accessories are just perfect for that occasion or to complement a stunning outfit.


How could I not, the hatter, advise you to gift hats. Unique, just like all of us. Made with love and attention, for every style, season, time of the day and occasion.

A couple days ago, NITA SAO turned 3 years old! I'm looking forward to celebrate alongside every person that steps foot in the showroom this week, with homemade goodies, from my lovely granny and mother. That being said, see you soon and don't forget to be merry!