"Geisha is an artist of a floating world. She dances, she sings, she entertains you, [...] the rest is shadows, the rest is secrets."

Ladies, it's KiMono time!

When's the last time you put together an edgy and unique outfit in less than 5 minutes?

We're always on the run but that's no reason why we shouldn't look our best most times!

The lookbook below is meant to show you the power that these clothing pieces give to you. The boost of self-confidence. The story in which you step when you put one on.

Photos by: Elena Cornila / Models: Usiku Virginia & Corina Sucarov / Make-up artist: Loredana Cencu .

Worn with a pair of sneakers or some glamorous high heels, during the day time or at an event, either one of the pieces from NITA SAO's KiMono collection can be your best friend. Monochromatic, using only black & white patterned fabrics and a one color waistband. Easy to wear and match!

Order yours online or come by to try them all!
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All NITA SAO clothes are custom made, using your exact measurements!

Step 1: Give us your measurements!
Step 2: Choose the fabric/fabrics you like most and your favourite colored waistband!
Step 3: Rock it, girl! Rock it!