It's not you,'s Autumn!

My soulmate.
It has almost always been autumn. I might have cheated on it from time to time, with either winter or spring. But never summer...

I love trenchcoats and sweaters, a good cup of tea, endless jazz playlists and the way my imagination just takes off everytime rain hits my window.

As much as I tried to be a summer person, I guess it's just not meant to be. This year, I launched a line of super colorful dresses. And hats to match.

check out the entire collection here ->

I mean, I even threw a party to celebrate the first day of summer.
And had a really great time that evening!

check out the entire photo album here ->

And yet, if you follow NITA SAO you probably noticed that there haven't been any blog entrances this summer and the social media content was rather scarce.
Don't get me wrong, I've had some really interesting projects and clients these past 3 months.

I gave a couple interviews, which you can check on NITA SAO's Youtube channel...





...I helped a bride surprise her entire squad of bridesmaids with custom-made hats, for their bachelorette trip to Greece... of my best friends got married in a NITA SAO trench coat dress, and she looked oh so beautiful in it... least a douzin gorgeous and chic ladies asked for my help in order to bring that wow factor to their outfits, with the help of custom-made fascinators and hatinators...

...there were some projects about which I can't yet talk, but can't wait to be able to :)

And then there was a lot of sketching...and thinking...and rethinking...and picking out fabrics...all for...THE FALL COLLECTIONS!

I am out of this world excited about these two new collections, which are almost ready!!!

Jackets, shirts, skirts, hats! Casual ones, this time.
But as always, statement and with a twist!

So don't rush into refreshing your fall wardrobe just yet...wait until you see the wonders I have in store for you! :)

And because autumn is here and I am in such a good mood, I say we celebrate it with a contest!!!

Stay tuned! It's loading...