Day 4 – Milan Fashion Week S/S19

The 4th day at MFW was much shorter and way less sweet than it was supposed to be…RIP my feet! : (

Walking around Milan during Fashion Week can be truly charming…or truly horrific if you’re trying to get from one show to the next as fast as possible.

Most taxis are taken and you have to hustle to catch one. And even if you do, getting one before every show will mean spending around 150-200 EUR a day as the locations are so far apart  from eachother. Renting a car will be pretty much the same thing. As for Ubers…you’ll have to double that amount…

Yes, you might try the subway but you will most definitely not reach more than 3 or 4 shows a day using public transportation. Plus, the walking is going to kill you, no matter what!

On my 4th day I truly started to feel the effects of walking at least 13 km a day. While trying to look fashionable, fresh and sticking to heels as much as possible. It’s not all milk and honey, I tell you :)

Thank goodness I felt amazing in my outfit though!

I wore a NITA SAO long dress from the recent ‘Striped Orchid’ collection and a NITA SAO retro looking hat. You can find both of them at the showroom, alongside those two gorgeous vintage brooches which I used to embellish a simple H&M black blazer.

As for shoes, Salvatore Ferragamo heels when attending shows and a secret pair of Aquatalia flats hidden in that gorgeous Maestoso bag.
The things you can fit into that bag without it looking any less perfect, it’s amazing!  

Now, let’s talk some fashion shows!

The first stop of the day was Etro but guess who was late and reached the place right after the doors closed. This girl!

No worries! I still have some cool things to show you!

Like the beautiful bags from Amanti!

They had me at the presetation’s title: ‘ A night in Marocco’.

 I miss that country more than I thought, I guess : ) Or maybe simply being on vacation…*daydreaming*

Back to reality! The location was a garden decorated with rugs and bowls of oranges, trays of dates and cups of mint tea…and the bags! Statement, fun and very charming!

A refreshing afternoon break was much needed: a couple pages from an entertaining book ( review soon : ) ), and a quick make-up touch up…Rihanna, you don’t just talk the talk, you walk the walk as well! Chapeau! #TeamFendi

The last show of the day was one energetic catwalk: Aigner!

Inspired by Dadaism, the artistic and literary movement of the 20th century, the collection was described as a “rebellion against existing conventions”.

The mixing and matching of patterns was bold. So were the colors. I’ve also loved the very chic way of camouflaging the brand’s logo and name in almost every item showcased, without most of them being very ‘in your face’.

Photo source:

The day ended with my flats walking past a quite important reminded: “Sonrie y seras invencible!” – “Smile and you will be invincible!” : )

I was still in need of an ice bath for my feet but, I must admit, that put a big smile on my face and it took a little bit of the pain away : )  

Ready for one last #MFW entry, with the dos and don’ts?

Coming right up! ; )