Day 4 – London Fashion Week A/W17

She told me

"A little bit of madness is key
To give us new colors to see
Who knows where it will lead us?
And that's why they need us." 

So bring on the rebels
The ripple from pebbles
The painters, and poets, and plays 

And here's to the fools who dream
Crazy as they may seem...

My last day at LFW had La La Land written all over it.

From my outfit to the madness of all the 80 designers I got to know a little better that day.

Let me tell you all about it, from the very beginning.

Woke up refreshed and wanting to shine. My hair & make-up buddies helped me once again and the glass of champagne was the cherry on top of the cake. Don't let anyone tell you drinking a glass of bubbly at breakfast or brunch is 'not appropriate'. Especially after three full days at LFW. ( You think you know but you have no idea! )

And now, my outfit!

Yes, another gorgeous coat by NITA SAO, from the upcoming Pleats Please clothing line!

Roaming the streets of London while wearing it felt like walking on clouds.

It's dreamy, romantic and catches everyone's attention.

I wore it with a NITA SAO hat, an ASOS dress, a pair of sequined pants from Bershka, a Claudia Canova bag and those absolutely magnificent Kat Maconie shoes.

And now the 4th day of LFW may start!

International Fashion Showcase -> 80 designers –> 26 countries, Romania being one of them –> Somerset House -> come along so I can share with you my favourite designs!

The theme of this year’s exhibition is Local/Global. Countries have been invited to explore the influence of place on fashion and to examine how emerging designers can transform their local culture into a global language.

All of the designs showcased were special but these are the ones that made me sigh of admiration.

And because the day was young I headed to my favourite museum in the whole wide world, the V&A.

They have a rather naughty exhibition going on now: 'Undressed: a brief history of underwear'.

And let me tell you, it's not all tighty whities.

Go check it out! And afterwards stop at their book store. It's out of this world good. I never leave empty handed.

And talking about their books and all the interesting stories and fun facts I've learned from them, I'll tell you something new: this blog is also going to be about fashion history. I'll take out all the best stories and facts and serve them on a platter, to you!

The day was over but...the night was young!

So I headed to Village Underground because: Kate Nash , I love you!

She's got a new album coming out and I really liked the teasers that I heard!

Plus, she's one of those few artists that uses their platform to really speak their minds on the messed up things that are going on in the world today. So go check her out too!

So...LFW is over!

But there are only two days left until London Fashion Weekend begins!

See you then and there!

Photos by: Odett Andreea Popovici