Day 3 - Milan Fashion Week S/S19

Who was the biggest star on the 3rd day of Milan Fashion Week?

My brand new hair colour or the dreamy hat from the upcoming NITA SAO collection? Let’s find out : )

I was looking forward to this day as the events were plenty and my outfit was as comfy as it was eye-catching.
A long NITA SAO dress, dramatic but easy to wear. It’s not exactly part of the ‘Striped Orchid’ collection but if you love it and want one just like it – e-mail us : )

It was way hotter outside than expected but for the sake of fashion one must suffer, therefore I didn’t abandon the idea to pair the dress up with one gorgeous Reserved graphic blazer.

The entire look started from the hat though, as it usually does with me!
If you haven’t read the previous blog entry, do it now! You’ll understand why this certain hat is so special and find out the story behind the upcoming NITA SAO collection.

I felt like a true star wearing it, alongside a pair of vintage earrings, which you can find at House Of NITA SAO, and a custom-made necklace gifted to me by my main partner in crime, Daniella.

No day at #MFW without a gorgeous Maestoso bag! The shape and the tassels of this beauty stole my heart from the moment I saw it!  

As for shoes, a pair of Maccioni heels were going to be my best friend for the day. Unexpectedly comfy, I must admit!

But even if they weren’t going to be, a secret plan b was hidden in the silver NITA SAO bag I was also carrying around: a comfy pair of flats, for in between shows, if needed : )

That being said, I jumped into an Uber and made my way to the 1st show of the day.

Anteprima: A mostly sporty collection, with very fun pattern combos and gorgeous colours. Truly loved it!
In to its echoing green surrounded by music and art
She feels her heart moving
Creativity, playfulness, plastic is fantastic
[…] Twilight meets its yellow lay
She grooves with the rhythms of her true self

Right before reaching the next event of the day I gave a quick interview about #MFW and the importance of taking care of your hair, for Pantene. Really fun crew, they made my day!

Waiting for me next was one charming event, put together by Furla: #furlamedditeranea  

Gelato, prosecco and a live band were welcoming the guests outside the venue, right before ‘diving’ indoors, inside the old chapel of San Carpoforo.  

The displays and projections were mesmerizing! Underwater we were!

For the first time Furla unveiled their men and women’s line at the same time. The guests were taken on a journey around the Mediterranean coast of the Italian peninsula.

“The waters of the Mediterranean. A blue carpet two and a half million square kilometers wide, the mysterious sea of antiquity that, according to Homer, could only be explored by Ulysses, “the man of multifaceted ingenuity”. […] And Furla dedicates this collection to the unique, peculiar culture of Italian cities, towns and villages near the sea. To their traditions.”

It was about time for a quick coffee break and a new plan as I was way behind schedule. Why have so many locations so far away from each other, Milan, why?

It was quite clear to me that I had to skip a couple events that day and chose to head straight to a catwalk that was going to be an explosion of colourful sequins. I almost didn’t make it as it was an hour away by foot and public transportation…and it seemed as all taxis in Milan were already taken.

I spotted an italian girl that was also trying to catch a taxi and asked her if maybe we were going in the same direction and we should split an Uber ride, as it was absurdly expensive at that hour.

We weren’t…but then she asked me which show I was headed to. “Daizy Shelly…”, I replied.
“Aaaaalright, let’s go!” And as a moving miracle, a taxi appeared in a second.

We started chatting. She’s been blogging for two-three years and her MWF schedule was way more hectic than mine. Gave her my card and wrote down her name in my phone so that I can check her out afterwards. Destination – reached!

And as we were smoking a cigarette, lots and lots of people started greeting her and asking for a picture. Maybe it was about time I would undercover check out her Instagram…

It was the one and only Cristina Musacchio, one of the most famous Italian fashion bloggers out there, with ‘only’ 1 million followers and campaigns with pretty much every big designer out there!
( …in case I needed another proof that I’m living in a bubble… )

It was a real pleasure meeting her! Really hope our paths intertwine again : )

The last catwalk of the day was a real treat! And the venue, a beauty!

“Fashion is a great tool to show off what you want to be. This is what I try to create for my women. I wish they always feel protected, invincible and beautiful in their clothes.
On the other hand, this is my job.”

Daizy Shely gave us a fresh, sexy, ultra feminine and full of colour S/S19 collection. A really fun and entertaining show!

I apologize to those designers and shops that I couldn’t visit that day but Milan is one lovable big city, with lots of temptations : )

Closing with an Aperol, a delicious tiramisu and the words of the great Italian composer, Giuseppe Verdi: “You may have the universe if I may have Italy.”