Day 2 – Milan Fashion Week S/S19

The DNA test I took last year told me I’m almost as much Italian as I am Romanian!

The fact that I was going to be in Milan the same year that Romania celebrates the centenary of its Great Union got me thinking how I could honor my heritage…

Are you ready to find out the big secret behind the next hat collection?

First thing first: the 2nd day at any fashion week is when you’ll first start to feel the burn. You’re not fresh anymore but, because of the ongoing excitement, you’ll have the misconception that you still are! Make sure you’re ready to bounce back asap: drink plenty of water, remember to have at least one proper meal a day and have a good drink waiting for you when you return : )

Now: my second day at MFW S/S19 was going to be quite special, alike my outfit.

How would a ‘ gangster looking - NITA SAO – pinstriped – suit – cape’ match with the ‘60 year old - traditional – Romanian - handsewn with silver and gold thread - catrinta ( skirt )’ recently received from my grandma?

Awesome, I say!

How would it look paired with a crisp Zara white shirt, a pair of Sam Edelman glam shoes, a gorgeous croc red Maestoso bag, a pair of trendy ASOS glasses and the customary Dyrberg/Kern jewelry?

Amazing, I say!

And, the cherry on top of the cake: the hat!

The upcoming collection will be dedicated to this celebratory year: 100 years of modern Romania!

Blue, yellow and red hats will take over our shop, creating together one big flag!

Just like the traditional Romanian blouses, glass beads are carefully handsewn … for at least 8 hours straight!

And then, a Romanian saying or proverb will be ‘written’ by hand, in words and drawings…using exactly 100 stitches for each individual hat!

… I know … you should have seen the look on my face when the idea popped in my head : )

Traditional but modern. Simple but complicated. Heartwarming, I hope. : )

More about the upcoming collection, soon!

It’s time to tell you about the amazing shows and events I got to go to on my 2nd day at MFW S/S19.

Alberto Zambelli was the first on the list!

“ All starts from the principle, from a pure and unspoilt nature that is worked and polished until it becomes marble, so perfect to reflect light in material reverberations. Each dress acquires a primigenial, new, white purity celebrating in all the shades this color that changes and mutates, never the same as in the works of Antonio Canova.”

The show was just as poetical as its story. The fabrics and shapes were absolutely gorgeous, the models were dreamy but strong at the same time…and the walk…oh, the walk…so captivating…a true showstopper!

I had a magnificent time and it was only going to get better, alongside my fellow fashionista, Cristina Candea : )

The second event of the day was a real treat!

I mean: you give me tequila at lunchtime, I will love you instantly! I’m simple like that : )

More than that, I was captivated by the work of San Andres - Milano!


“The eclecticism, the contradictions, the themes dear to the classic imaginary of Mexican culture, revisited and reworked in a contemporary key, a gaze suspended between the ironic and the nostalgic that a shrewd sartorial work in the pure tradition of Made in Italy - returns on clothes that weave, with indiscutable elegance, new metropolitan portraits.”

A breath of fresh air, in vivid colors and fabrics which exude passion through every pore!

The last stop of the day was close to Quadrilatero d’oro: the poshest streets when it comes to fashion! Name a big fashion house and you can probably find its shiny window there. A stroll around ‘the golden quad’ is as much heaven as it is hell if you’re not Richie Rich : (

Thank goodness for the sublime prosecco Cinzia Rocca welcomed me with!

“Inspired from the value of simplicity, Cinzia Rocca #SS19 is a magnetic exchange between tailoring and architecture, textures and tints, minimalism and sensuality. For the play of stylish woman who has the courage of both her femininity and her strength.”

Very nicely put! Almost as nice as the quality of their fabrics which blew my mind away! Those types of garments that you can pass on to your granddaughter and she will still feel gorgeous in them!

Kind of like my very own skirt! : )

I’ll see you back here in a day or two for tales from the 3rd day of MFW SS19, right?


PS: remember - Mangia bene, ridi spesso, ama molto!