Day 2 - London Fashion Week A/W17

Different day, totally different style!

I will remember the 2nd day of LFW A/W17 as the day when my self-confidence went through the roof. I usually believe in myself and feel good in my own skin, but yesterday was a totally different story. I can't remember the last time I've received more compliments from strangers passing by on the street. And that's one of the things I usually love about London. Total strangers that take a couple seconds from their life just to acknowledge out loud the fact that you put in some extra effort before leaving the house that day. And then they just walk away, leaving you with a smile to keep. And yesterday they made me stop and ask myself "why now more than ever?".

There's no doubt about it: it was THE coat!

The hat helped, the burgundy velvet trio of pants, shoes & purse was charming, but the coat was the one that made me walk taller, stronger and with more confidence than usual, from the very beggining. I just didn't realise it until they pointed it out.

So I couldn't be happier to tell you now that this sassy piece is part of my new Pleats Please collection. And it has 7 other 'sisters', which you will also get to meet rather soon.

Going back to LFW, yesterday was all about checking out the streetstyle. Gave the indoor shows up and wandered the streets. My partner in crime was my best friend Odett, which once again chose to rock some Nita Sao items: a hat and a scarf. "Scarfs?" Yes. I warned you about having lots of surprises this year.

And yes, the hat is also from an upcoming collection. You'll find out more about all of these new goodies in around a month, when you'll also be able to purchase them online. All of them. In all designs and colors.

What else did I do yesterday? Oh.

I met up and chatted with Anda Sbarcea, the blogger behind Hats on clouds. Now how about that outfit? I truly loved it!* insert round of applause *

And then give an even bigger round of applause for all those people that protested yesterday in front of LFW's locations!

I personally never in my life wore fur, never will and only the thought of it makes me sick to my stomach. And even if I've read plenty of articles on how the industry tortures these poor creatures, yesterday was a shock.

A protester handed me a flyer that said: "Every year around 50 million animals are killed around the world for their fur – more than one every second." I instantly rushed to sign their petition and thank them for the important work that they are doing. You can also give your support by going to and donate, so that these truly beautiful people can keep rasing awareness about the heartless 'humans' out there. And please, stop wearing fur and try your best to convince others of doing the same. Make compassion your fashion!

Over and out. I'll see you back here tomorrow...until then, here's quite a view.

Outfit of the day: NITA SAO Hat / NITA SAO Coat / Mango pants / Jeffrey Campbell shoes / Stefanel bag

Photos by: Odett Andreea Popovici