Day 1 – Milan Fashion Week S/S19

Ciao, miei cari amici!

Milan Fashion Week calling!

Follow me around town to marvelous catwalks, posh store events and many, many prosecco pit stops along the way!

The madness started right away. Plane landed –> jumped into a taxi –> fast check-in -> quick shower and off I went!

Thank goodness for make-up so the zombie inside stays well hidden!

Just so we’re clear, I’m certainly not paid to recommend the following :) I often get asked about the beauty products I use…so here are a couple of the new discoveries I’ve made:

  • Dermacol kick ass when it comes to covering the dark circles that are starting to take up more and more space on my face with each passing day! Plus, the prices are so much lower than any other brands’ used by make-up artists on movie sets.

  • Karl Lagerfeld’s collectable make-up brushes are the smoothest and coolest ones I’ve ever seen!

  • Too Faced’s ‘Chocolate Gold’ is the Beyonce of eye shadow palettes! Made with cocoa powder and real gold…smells like dark chocolate…and the colors are as rich as they sound: #DrippinDiamonds #NewMoney #OldMoney #HollaForADolla

Confidence boost – done! Time to hit the streets with my first outfit!

First of all, do not panic, I haven’t went grey naturally…but I’m looking forward to those days as I am really pleasantly surprised with how the color suits me :)

As you probably already know: the vavavoom pink cape and pants duo is NITA SAO, as well as the hat, obviously!

Wore them with a Massimo Dutti simple black dress…and a Bershka tulle dress as well…

‘Two dresses, a pair of pants and a cape, all at once, Ana?’ you might ask.

Yes! It’s autumn! LAYERING TIME! Have fun with it! :)

Accessories, from head to toe: pink Asos glasses; Giorgio Armani watch; Dyrberg/Kern ring; Zara shoes, which are gorgeous and, surprisingly, comfy as well;

But most importantly, the bag!

Italian leather + Romanian designs + passionate entrepreneurs + great craftsmanship + amazing colors = Maestoso!

Oh, and a very very cool Instagram feed!

Check them out, trust me! I personally fell hopelessly in love with them and their work!

PS: You’ll see more of their designs in the following days as I packed not 1, not 2, not 3…but 4 of their bags in my ‘tiny’ troller! :)

NOW! It’s show time!

I attended the two shows of that day, ‘Russian Designers’ & ‘eLSy’, put together by Fashion Vibes, at one charming location: Circolo Filologico Milanese.


It was a very free day, by MFW standards, which gave me time to enjoy a lovely dinner at Da Regina with the two very awesome people behind the Maestoso brand...followed by a ‘proper’ Uber ride and some much needed sleep!

Stay tuned, for the best is yet to come! Ci vediamo domani!