Day 1 – London Fashion Week A/W17

What a 1st day it was!
Four very talented designers put a huge smile on my face today...but bare with me for a little bit and let's rewind to how the day started off.

If you're going to do LFW, you better do it in style and have a blast! Sleep well, wake up early, have a healthy breakfast, a big cup of strong coffee and put all your make-up skills to the test. Good products always help a lot and these are my buddies for today.

Pack your bag carefully and check it before going out the door. Forgetting your business cards, power bank or wi-fi hotspot might just ruin your entire day.

But most importantly, don't forget to bring along a friend. And if you're lucky, your best friend. And if you're incredibly lucky, him/her is also a photographer.

She's mine. And she's wearing Nita Sao hats with style. And she's the one to take pretty much of all the amazing photos that you'll see here, for the next two weeks.

Thanks Odett, you're the best!

Aaaand now, drum rolls please, my outfit. I don't yet have words to describe how great of a feeling it is to wear an almost head to toe Nita Sao outfit. You heard that right. I give you: KiMono.

Monocromatic. Available in 6 different black & white geometrical patterned fabrics and with 8 dashes of colors to choose from. I've put together 8 designs. I'll be wearing 3 of them in the next two weeks. You'll meet the other 5 around mid March. They're staying hidden until the fabulous photoshoot I've planned for them.

Now back to this 'little' gorgeous thing. It gives you wings. Pretty much literally.

I must admit that I had a slight doubt that this particular one will be easy to wear. Though, after 10 hours of doing so, the doubt is gone. Totally gone. And needless to say, it's an eye-catcher.

I mixed it up with a turtleneck, Pharell Williams x adidas Originals leggings, ASOS sneaker-boots, a pair of cool frames and a Tommy Hilfiger mini backpack. And unicorn socks, if you must know.

And why not a pink hat. Also from a new Nita Sao collection. And if you fell in love with this color, wait till you see all of the four new ones. Patience, my dear ones. Patience.

And now, the 4 designers whose A/W17 collections I've discovered today:

Minki: 'Gone fishin' – the continuation of a journey'

Playful, bright color pallete and brilliant fabric mixtures.

"With captivating fish lure print on silk, wavy seams and a refreshed soul from the sea-side, Minki casts her line out to new horizons while keeping in mind: there’s plenty of fish to catch!"

Judy Wu: 'Prism'

Rich shades, gorgeous panelling and plenty of attitude.

"As light refracts through a prism, Wu creates structures with color panelling, and uses folds and pleats to disrupt the continuity of lines and patterns." #FeminineStrenghtJudyWu

Steventai: 'Sleep now. Work later.'

Warm, cozy and authentic.

"These are garments to count your sheep in, and yawn at the responsibilities of the waking world."

Ekaterina Kukhareva: 'Female Revolution'

Ethereal, precious and dreamy, yet strong and bold.

"Feminine doesn't mean feminist, floral doesn't mean dainty housewife, ruffle doesn't mean frivolous. We have a voice, we have a choice, we must make our own decisions."

That's all for today, folks. See you tomorrow, when I can't wait to share with you the 1st coat from my Pleats Please collection. I've told you from the very beginning, I have lots and lots of surprises in store.

Photos by: Odett Andreea Popovici