#BookOfTheWeek #7: How to Set Up & Run a Fashion Label

"Working 24/7 – your business becomes a full-time venture even when you're not at the studio. Switching off can be very difficult when there is so much to do."

Do you think you're ready to give most things up in order to build your own little world, in the form of a fashion label? Follow me.

Toby Meadows is the fashion business consultant to some of the most recognisable fashion businesses from high street giants to high end designer retailers.

I found myself struggling to finish this week's book because of the constant feeling of 'I know this already' or 'Been there, done that'. But that's a great thing!
Afterall, I did graduate from a business school, have been working in marketing for almost 6 years now and set up my own fashion label 3 years ago. It's only but natural to have gone through most of the steps.

Would it have been easier if I had read this particular book before starting my own journey? Maybe.
The information is great, don't get me wrong!
It's practically an ABC on the fashion industry. How to pick out a name, working from home vs. setting up a studio, finding your market and getting your products made and out there, selling, finance, marketing...it's all in there.

There are two aspects which I appreciated most about this certain book:

1. Case studies: the stories of 12 designers or brands that made it! Get inspired and get working!

2. The 'www.' marker: a sign that you can find extra material on that subject online, to download for free, from a certain website.

So why did I say 'maybe'?
Because these are not things that you learn from books. The concepts, yes. The actual hustle, no.
So it's only up to you to make the first step off the springboard and dive right it.

Like one of my favourite quotes goes:"Entrepreneur: someone who jumps off a cliff and builds a plane on the way down" :)
But whatever you do, don't forget to have some fun as well!
See you next week!