Bloopers: How To & How Not To MILAN FASHION WEEK

Because it’s not all glitz and glamour behind the scenes, let’s end another Fashion Week series with the bloopers and a couple dos and don’ts.

Hopefully you’ve been reading the last entries and you’re up to date with my #MFW #SS19 experience. If not, check them out as you can also pick up some tips and trick from there.

If you’re planning to go for Milan Fashion Week and it might even be the first time, make sure to:

  1.  Get ready to walk all day long. The venues are very far away from each other and even if you’ll have the budget to take most trips with a taxi or an Uber, walking just in heels won’t do it. Pack a pair of very flat flats every day  and hide them in your bag. You’ll be very glad to know they’re there, especially at the end of the day!
  2.  In case you want to avoid paying hundreds of euros each day on taxis, Ubers or renting a car ( as parking can be incredibly expensive )…maybe renting a scooter can be the answer…I will try it next time, for sure!
  3.  Accommodation. The advantage when it comes to hotels is that you can ask them to store the printed invitations that you’ll be receiving. The disadvantage is that you can most surely find better options on Airbnb. So finding an Airbnb with an owner that is kind enough to put away your mail would be ideal.

    PS: if you go for a hotel, make sure to double check the amenities. You’ll be surprised how many hotels on have shared bathrooms or…*shocking* …the entire bathroom in the room, right next to the bed…*how?* *what?* *why?* *huh?*

    Let’s just say accommodation in Milan can be surprisingly expensive and…surprising altogether.
  4. Back to the more glamorous part : ) Not sure how to get invited to the shows or presentations? Baby steps. First build your own little data base. Gather as many e-mail contacts as you can from the designers that will be showcasing that season. Or better yet, their PR companies.

    E-mail each and every single one of them the reason why you’d like to attend their event … and why they would be interested on having you : ) Most venues are quite small so don’t be disappointed if you won’t receive a lot of positive answers at first.

    Second, the store or showroom presentations can be quite charming as well so make sure you don’t just contact the ‘big dogs’.  PS: Even if you don’t get an invite it doesn’t mean you will 100% not get it. If you’re feeling va va voom one day, pop by the venue. You might be surprised where an amazing outfit and a very confident attitude will get you! : )
  5.  As a last piece of advice, make sure you also enjoy your stay! The city’s charming, the Aperol is cold and the tiramisu is delicious!

Now, what am I wearing in these pictures?

I’ve told you the story behind the upcoming hat collection, dedicated to my home country…and in order for the flag to be complete, alongside the red and blue hat, here is the yellow one!  

I am incredibly excited to be launching this collection as soon as possible!

Worn with a NITA SAO dress-shirt, from last year’s autumn collection ‘The Birds & The Bees’, and black skinny jeans. Accessorized with the customary Dyrberg/Kern jewelry, a gorgeous pair of ASOS heels and cool Jeepers Peepers sunglasses.

As for the bag, the forth Maestoso bag that traveled with me was quite special as it was the prototype for their newest collection. The new handles are killer and the shapes and fabrics are to die for. Can’t wait to gift myself a couple new bags to match next year’s collections : )

This being said, it was time to switch the heels for flats once more and head to the airport!

Milan, amore, ci vediamo alla prossima!