Bloopers: How to & How Not To LONDON FASHION WEEK

I ended the last blog entry with 'The End'. And like most fun movies, here are the bloopers.
You'll easily find them amongst some pieces of advice on how to make the best out of London Fashion Week.

Let's take it from the top: Packing your bag.
This is the best time to be a true organised freak! Don't bring along anything that you're not sure you'll wear or use. Think every outfit from top to bottom...match the hat, the lipstick shade, the eye shadow, the socks, e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g!  
It's the only way to make all of those stuff fit into a bag, trust me!

Ha ha ha! Did you actually believe you can fit everything into a bag? One bag?
5 days -> 5 different outfits -> it's cold outside -> you'll need coats and proper shoes...
You might even go out, I mean there are plenty of parties around and so many chic places to have a good glass of wine at...
Oh, and then there is London Fashion Week Festival, that lasts 4 days...that means 4 more outfits...

'Ana? How many stuff did you actually pack?!'

That's right! And I'm a Pro packer, believe me!

Usefull tip: Pack all of the elements of every outfit together. Don't pack all the shoes and bags in one luggage and all the clothes in the other. What will you do if one of your bags gets lost for a couple days? Not wear shoes? Or wear just shoes? Better safe than sorry.

Let's move on to how you're gonna carry those giants around.
Let's say you're in a hurry and you totally reject the idea of getting them shipped from the airport to your hotel. It's cheaper than those super expensive London cabs but it does take 5 hours or more...Uber is way too expensive as well...the Tube it is! I mean, it's London, they have escalators and lifts everywhere, right?!
London is my second home and I still make that mistake to this day.
Let's just say Rocky running up and down those stairs was a piece of cake compared to what my friend, Andreea, and I went through. Lifts would be in revision all of a sudden, the tube stations deserted, with no one around to give you a hand...

Just make sure you do your homework when it comes to tube stations, even if you're familiar with London. You don't wanna end up like this girl, right here. It was moments after she arrived at her rented apartment and was trying to take one picture for the 1st entry on her brand new blog. One picture. Very simple one. Just standing. Slightly turned around. But no! Back muscle spasms, neck muscle spasms, wanting to just curl up in bed for the next few days...

Anyway...accomodation, yay!
Looking for a nice place to stay in London and not pay an entire fortune on it?
I found two new ones!
The 1st place that I rented this time around was probably one of the finest Airbnb has to offer. It's a former furniture factory in Shoreditch, transformed into this posh-artsy yet comfortable house. Which felt like home thanks to Mary, its owner. She's super friendly and a great host!
In her Airbnb review she said she wanted to adopt Andreea and I...Mum, it would be just for a couple months a year, alright!?  

It's only a few stations away from Somerset House and 180 The Strand. You'll get to London Fashion Week's locations before you know it.

Once LFW was over I took the free days off to get my energy level back up and got out of town.
When I returned I checked myself into a former hat factory...there seems to be a theme here, doesn't it?!
I mean, if there is a hotel by the name of The Mad Hatter, you bet I will try it out.
And what do you's medium-priced, fun and at a 10min walk from all of LFWFestival's locations.
Match made it heaven! Especially with all of these Alice in Wonderland painted ceilings and hat displays...

You probably already found my blog entries for almost every day of LFW and LFWF, with plenty of photos, videos and reasons for you to want to try this experience at least once. But as a side note, if you get invitations to the shows, great, if you don't, join and enjoy all of those fabulous and fun people on the streets! Inspire and get inspired!
As for LFWF, you can also buy tickets online and see some catwalks, shop plenty, join in on talks...they're worth it!

That's all for this season, folks!
I'll leave you with this gorgeous sunset and a paragraph from this wickedly funny book I stumbled upon:

'An interviewer once asked me this question: If you were to be stranded on a desert island, what three items would you bring?
I gave this frivolous answer: A cat, a hat and a piece of string.
[...] I'd bring the cat for company. The hat for shelter from the sun. The piece of string has multiple purposes, including to amuse the cat, or to keep the hat on in a high wind. There's also a scenario in which I use the hat and the piece of string to make a simple fish-trap ( presumably to feed the cat ); or a less appealig one in which I strangle the cat with the piece of string and cook it for lunch, using the hat as a makeshift tureen. ( To be fair, I can't imagine myself ever wanting to eat a cat, but who knows what might happen if you were stranded for long enough on a desert island? ). It occured to me that I could probably think up a hundred similar stories featuring just those three items.
The stories in this collection are a little like that too...'