'Beautiful Romania' by Marius Musat

"'Beautiful Romania' is a window of stories about people with good taste, young talents
eager for beauty, that can show the whole world the gifted nation that we are."

Marius Musat

Growing up, especially during primary school and highschool, my favourite mall was Mario Plaza. It had fascinating boutique stores, like no other at that time.
The windows were creative, the clothes unique and the designers were often there to tell you the stories of their brands.

Who knew that a decade later I would also be showcasing in the main window...

I used to drive my mother crazy until convincing her to buy me as many clothes from his store as possible so I received Marius Musat's invitation, for being part of his project, with incredible joy...and a drop of nostalgia!  

I'm always happy to see designers working together and empowering one another, especially the already established ones with us, newcomers :)

Long story short, for the next two weeks you'll be able to spot a couple happy NITA SAO hats showing off in downtown Bucharest!

Make sure to visit them and check if they haven't fainted from the heat!
Drop my name and you'll probably get an autograph as well! :)

PS: You can find out more about the project here: https://mariusmusat.com/ro/41-romania-frumoasa