52 books for 52 weeks

No, this is not a resolution!
It would've been called that if I had just said I would like to read more this upcoming year.
But actually buying 52 books and stating right here and now that for an entire year I will be posting a book review each Friday, that most certainly makes it a plan! :)

We all know it's not always easy to fit reading into a busy schedule.
It's not necessarily the lack of time that gets in the way. For me it's finding it hard to just dissconect from everything and completely sink into the book, like one should.  
I've started countless books this year but finished very few. 2017 has been a truly amazing year. The non-stop hustle has been worth it, but it's about time to go down from 6th gear and into, let's say, a 4th.  
My family and close friends are probably rolling their eyes while reading that last line, knowing how many times I've said that. But this time I truly mean it. And what better way to starting reclaiming this most needed 'me' time, than with a mountain of books.

And because I'm not really the romantic novel type of girl, I've stacked up on books on two of the topics I love most: fashion and business.
There will also be some poetry and a couple novels, as I've developed quite an addiction of buying everything that has the word 'hat' in it's title. Hatters are mad in lots of ways, I guess.  

I am a rookie at book reviews so don't expect anything else than my very own personal opinion on how useful, fun to read or worth it every book is.
Visit the blog every Friday to read some of my favourite parts ( no spoilers! ), a couple of the most interesting and fun facts found in those pages and who knows...maybe you'll fall in love with a review and win that exact same book at the end of the year. Which will of course end with a contest!
Sharing is caring and reading is fundamental!

I'll see you back here tomorrow, when we learn more about "The Art of Wearing Hats" :)