An homage to the Centenary - to the 100 years of modern Romania!

This is not a story sewn in white thread...but blue, yellow and red!
Romanian sayings 'written' using exactly 100 sewing stitches.
Glass beads, alike the ones used on our beautiful Romanian blouses, hand-sewn for at least 8 hours.
Bands borrowed from the famous ‘clop’ hats from Maramures. 
Traditional but modern. Simple but complicated.


One of the most special and worked on collections so far. Tens of hours dedicated to each and every hat have brought to life the very first NITA SAO hat collection available in a limited series. 
Hats for her and for him, made our of blue, yellow and red felt, have created a giant flag at House Of NITA SAO.   
And with the help of my talented friend Raluca Porumbacu the illustrations have come to life, replacing the usual lookbook photos. 
Guys and girls of our times wearing outfits that combine modern elements with traditional ones, wearing the „Ruptă din stele”, „Pisica blandă zgârie rău”, „Ochii văd inima cere”, „Câte-n lună și-n stele”, „Dus cu sorcova” and „Nu are toate țiglele pe casă” hats. 




You can find them online and at the showroom...and soon in other shops around the country : )