Once upon a time ( Almost half a year ago today ), a go-getter fairy and a couple of hardworking elves ( yours truly and a great team of 7 ) embarked on a journey ( went head first into the most challenging project yet ) and created an entirely new and fascinating universe ( and opened a 160 square meter pop-up store in a mall ).

Let me tell you a bit about that story, which could eaaasily be a book!

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Un peu de Matisse, un peu de Marrakech, beaucoup de Jardin Majorelle et tout NITA SAO...

Follow me once more to Morocco!

We'll go past bo the spices market, leave behind the constant buzz of the streets and the music coming from the strings of the ouds...and step into the calm, colorful and famous garden of Majorelle!

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Follow me once more to Marrakech!

We'll go past the spices market, leave behind the constant buzz of the streets and the music coming from the strings of the ouds...and step into the calm, colorful and famous garden of Majorelle!

We'll actually still be in Bucharest but the new collection will teleport us there even faster than a genie would...shall we?

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Adorned with real 22k gold leaf & 925 silver leaf, handsewn crystals and embroideries.

Inspired by Yves Saint Laurent's favorite flowers and colors.

The 'Fleurs-de-lis' collection is royal but current.

Delicate but empowering.

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It's every milliner's dream to design for Royalty and it looks like mine is starting to turn into reality!

Here is the story of this year's Royal Garden Party, the three princesses whom wore NITA SAO and many other beautiful women which made me the proudest with their grace and attitudes!

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"I would wear my skirts short but my customers would say 'Shorter! Shorter!'"

Most people associate the name Quant with the mini skirt. But she has been more than that, a true revolutionary, defining the young, playful look of the 60's and 70's.

Follow me inside the V&A museum, to find out more...

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No day of mine goes by without a strong cup of coffee and a glass of rich wine!

While travelling I like to find out which are the most interesting places to enjoy my routines even more at.

I'm a sucker for great interior designs and fun&quirky atmospheres so here are a couple new places I approve of being very cool...right now...in London!

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Whether your make hats or just love them, London Hat Walk is a great chance to promenade in style around London with your fellow hatters!

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Take me to church!

The one with hatmakers, milliners and artists of all sort...jazz, prosecco, a fashion show...and lots and lots of fantastic hats! Can I get an Amen?!

Come be my virtual plus one to the Launch Party of London Hat Week 2019!

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The must-see exhibition of the year! Sold Out!

Extended for another 6 months! Sold out again, instantly!

Why is the world so eager to visit the Dior exhibition? I went and saw the magic with my own two eyes.

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The official exhibition of London Hat Week 2019 is here! 

My piece - '100 Romanian Peonies' - was already waiting for me at Menier Gallery, alongside another at least a hundred beauties...so it was time to head to my soul city! 

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It’s official!

This year I will be representing Romania at London Hat Week, showcasing my work at the marvelous ‘The Great Hat Exhibition 2019’, curated by X Terrace!

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Ever wondered how a famous designer’s studio looks like?

Through this week’s book we take a peek into the sacred space of “the frail and timid prince of haute couture”.

“I couldn’t live without my gypsy atmosphere – the books, the magazines, the papers, the postcards, the enormous disaster…” Yves Saint Laurent

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At a time when almost all the old hat factories and shops in the country have been closed for a long time, and the hat making and millinery crafts are still rarely encountered, I am proud to know, and be able to call them my collaborators, the ones that have been beautifully covering the heads of Romanians for more than 120 years.

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An homage to the Centenary - to the 100 years of modern Romania!

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Because it’s not all glitz and glamour behind the scenes, let’s end another Fashion Week series with the bloopers and a couple dos and don’ts.

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The 4th day at MFW was much shorter and way less sweet than it was supposed to be…RIP my feet! : (

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Who was the biggest star on the 3rd day of Milan Fashion Week?

My brand new hair colour or the dreamy hat from the upcoming NITA SAO collection? Let’s find out : )

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The DNA test I took last year told me I’m almost as much Italian as I am Romanian!

The fact that I was going to be in Milan the same year that Romania celebrates the centenary of its Great Union got me thinking how I could honor my heritage…

Are you ready to find out the big secret behind the next hat collection?

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